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The desire to satiate the taste buds together with delivering nutrient rich cuisine sis what I found gratifying with my learning in a very homely environment. A must attend for quality cooking aspirants. Thank you RIYA

Your explanation & demonstration of Gourmet cooking has been so good & excellent that I cooked your delicious dishes which were appreciated by my friends & family members. In fact we have stopped going to Restaurants. Again I am waiting to attend some more classes.

Your classes helped me polish my cooking. I already knew cooking but you indeed taught me the art of cooking with all the patients, talent & technique that you have with you. With very easy learning with you, quality & novelty cooking became fun & enjoyable. This was my 1st cooking class & never thought it would be such a life changing experience for me & my family who are enjoying my newly made dishes & asking me to attend more of your classes everyday for learning more… all the best & continue the good art of cooking

You are a positive person. Your way of teaching is very nice & suitable for everyone. I love the way you explain everything in detail & dos & don’ts of cooking or of a dish & you even give details about the products which company products are best & even where we are going to get it & the best thing is we can even call you after classes if we have any doubt. Your class’s timings are flexible.

Riya, a Truly Guaranteed Cookery Expert. One who wants to become an expert in devising Tasty & Nutritious meals for their family should make it a point to attend Tasty Secret Cooking Classes. As a teacher Riya makes it a point to teach her students from the basics as she believes that anyone can cook by looking at a recipe, but to be a good cook you have to know the basics & you should cook it with love. Most important my interest towards cooking grew after attending Riya's Classes.

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